President Josh Clanton
Biographical Information
Homeworld Earth
Date of birth 1973
Biographical Information
Rank President of the United States
Species Human
Gender Male
Rank President of the United States
Vehicles Air Force One
Escape Pod
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Chronological and Political Information
Rank President of the United States
Notable Facts President of the United States of America
Affiliation United States of America
Seems overwhelming... I'm in your hands. What do we do now?
Josh Clanton (The President) is the president of the United States as of 2023 in Perfect Dark. In the course of the game, Trent Easton and fellow conspirators attempt to kidnap him and replace him with a clone that they can control in order to acquire the Pelagic II due to the President's refusal to turn the ship over to dataDyne.

In-Game Description

Mission11 11-1

The President as seen the the N64 version of Perfect Dark

Name: The U.S. President

Age: 50 years

Race: Human (male)

A highly educated, shrewd African-American who is trying to do what is right but is surrounded by people like Trent Easton. He believes he has Trent under control after refusing the request for the loan of the Pelagic II to the dataDyne Corp. Perceived as being easily led by the majority of political commentators, which is perhaps unfair.

Role in Plot

The President made his debut on Air Force One.

He officially declined the NSA's numerous request for the government's deep-sea exploration vessel, Pelagic II; Unbeknownst that Joanna Dark has secretly boarded the plane, masquerading as one of the cabin crew.

When she eventually entered the president's cabin, the man first didn't believe her words - until she showed him the recording of the meeting she recorded with the CamSpy during the G5 Building operation.

Convinced of Datadyne's plot, the President agreed to allow Joanna to evacuate him off the plane, but the NSA was swift to take matters in their own hands. They called in a Skedar Transport to dispatch teams to eliminate him. Aided by the President's security teams, Joanna was able to get the president to his escape pod before dealing with Easton's men.

The pod landed on a remote island off the coast of Canada; The same island on which the plane, the Skedar Transport and Elvis' ship crashed landed upon. The president was quickly captured and held captive by Trent Easton while his men began searching the wilderness for Joanna, but that didn't stop the agent who managed to find the two hiding out in a cave. Trent escaped, leaving the president to her care. They then stayed with Elvis and his ship until a Carrington Institute rescue team arrived.

With the president back at the White House, he would be expecting the Institute for a hearing and official government backing to its efforts against Datadyne.


  • At the time of the original Perfect Dark's release, he was then only a parody of the often-used fictional concept of a black president. Eight years after Perfect Dark was released, Barack Obama became the first real-life African-American president, and Perfect Dark's president was looked back on as a sort of prophetic doppelganger (the two share some vocal accents and personality traits).
  • Was named one of GamesRadar's Top 7 Fictional Presidents [1][2].