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PDZ SuperDragon in-game

Manufacturer dataDyne
Model H&K XM8 (PD)
H&K G36K + AG36 (PDZ)
Type Assault Rifle
Grenade Launcher
Primary Mode Rapid Fire
Secondary Mode Grenade Launcher
Tertiary Mode Night Vision (PDZ Only)
Damage (per Hit) Medium
Accuracy High
Ideal Range Long (Primary)
Medium (Secondary)
Rate of Fire 700 RPM (PD)
600 RPM (PDZ)
Ammo Type Rifle Rounds
Grenade Rounds
Magazine Capacity 30 Rounds (PD Primary)
20 Rounds (PDZ Primary)
6 Grenades
Maximum Ammo 400 Rounds (PD)
200 Rounds (PDZ)
40 Grenades (PD)
12 Grenades (PDZ)
Appears in Perfect Dark
Perfect Dark Zero
A variant of the Dragon assault rifle - instead of the proximity explosive, it has a small grenade launcher. Excellent support weapon. Average fire rate: 700 RPM.
The SuperDragon, also known as "S-Dragon", is a dataDyne-produced assault rifle, which has yet to attain popularity with mainstream military forces. Many of these rifles have been seen in the hands of support squadrons and mercenaries.


Loud, somewhat crude, and powerful, the SuperDragon is favored by many of dataDyne's security forces, though it is also seen in the hands of some guards stationed at Area 51. The SuperDragon has the normal primary function of a Dragon and the secondary function of being a grenade launcher. It is similar to the Devastator, but it shoots grenades faster and the explosions aren't as widespread.

In Perfect Dark Zero, the gun assumes a different appearance and smaller magazine size. The SuperDragon has a high rate of fire and a scope with a very strong zoom, as well as bounce grenades, which bounce off ceilings, walls, and vehicles before exploding on the floor, and night vision capabilities.


During the events of Perfect Dark Zero, the SuperDragon is primarily favored by dataDyne's elite soldiers and only appears in a few missions. Mai Hem also uses this when confronted in DeathMatch VR.

In Perfect Dark, the SuperDragon is favored by many of dataDyne's security forces, though it is also seen in the hands of some guards stationed at Area 51.


In Perfect Dark, the SuperDragon is powerful and while similar to the Devastator, it shoots grenades faster.

In Perfect Dark Zero, the SuperDragon is arguably the best assault rifle in the game, thanks to its fast rate of fire, superb accuracy even at long range, powerful payload, and similarly devastating bounce grenades.

Unlike the FAC-16, the SuperDragon only has to reload grenades after the first slot has been cleared. Interestingly enough, all ammo is reloaded when the grenades are reloaded.

The SuperDragon has the best zoom of all non-sniper rifle weapons in the game, alongside the MagSec 4. Even when zoomed in, it still fires in fully automatic mode, meaning the player can take down moving targets more easily, especially Hovercrafts and Dropships. The grenades, just like with the FAC-16's, destroy Jet Packs instantly with one direct blast.

Its night vision tertiary function comes in very handy in dark areas like in Outpost Rescue, allowing better sight in dark areas.


In Perfect Dark Zero, the SuperDragon has the smallest magazine size of all assault rifles and SMGs in the game, with only 20 rounds. Because of this, expect frequent reloading. Also, take care when using the gun in zoom mode, as the fact that the gun is fully automatic even when zoomed in means that some shots may be missed.

The SuperDragon's bounce grenades are certainly not to be overestimated, as they bounce off Dropships and Hovercrafts. The FAC-16 is better suited for taking out aerial vehicles with grenades.


Perfect Dark
Perfect Dark Zero
  • Datacore Demolition - Obtainable via the last set of weapons lockers. Cannot be saved from this mission.
  • Mansion Infiltration - Mai Hem uses the SuperDragon as her weapon of choice in the DeathMatch VR match between her and Joanna Dark. On Secret Agent or higher, the pair of guards guarding the entrance to the DeathMatch VR arena carry SuperDragons. Cannot be saved from this mission and is unobtainable from the guards without mission failure.
  • Outpost Rescue - One dataDyne soldier near a satellite dish uses this weapon. Take him down to get it.
  • Bridge Assault - Carried by dataDyne soldiers throughout the level.


  • The SuperDragon in Perfect Dark appears to be loosely based off of the G36E rifle, and a M203 grenade launcher or XM8 assault rifle.
  • The sound it makes when it fires is similar to the D5K Deutsche from Goldeneye 007.

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