Sniper Rifle
Perfect Dark Weapons (32)
Manufacturer Carrington Institute
Model WA2000
Type Sniper Rifle
Primary Mode Single Shout
Secondary Mode Crouch
Damage (per Hit) Medium
Accuracy Very High
Ideal Range Long
Rate of Fire Very Low
Ammo Type Rifle Rounds
Magazine Capacity 8 Rounds
Maximum Ammo 400 Rounds
Appears in Perfect Dark
With a powerful zoom and a high velocity bullet, this Carrington Institute weapon is one the best sniper rifles ever made. Crouch down for perfect accuracy.
The Sniper Rifle is a weapon that appears in Perfect Dark. As its name implies, it is obviously best suited to long range combat with its powerful (1X-30X) zoom and pinpoint accuracy. Unfortunately there aren't many situations in which this is needed, and an assault rifle is usually just as effective.


It can be used at shorter ranges, though this is generally not the best idea as it has a slow rate of fire and auto-aim doesn't work with it. If you don't use auto-aim anyway, it can be compared to a slightly more powerful Falcon 2 with a reduced firing rate.

The secondary function enables to user to crouch which allows for more steady aiming as the arms will sway more noticeably while the user is standing which increases the risk of missing a shot. This is required since the usual controls for crouching are instead used to adjust the zoom.


Perfect Dark


  • Like the Falcon 2, it's not explained how dataDyne came into possession of several of these Carrington Institute weapons, considering the two are bitter rivals. Though it is possible that they were taken from the CI guards at the villa.
  • The sniper rifle is called the CI 2010 in the game's manual.
  • The sniper rifle is based off of the Walther WA 2000.

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