Skedar homeworld PD XBLA

The Skedar homeworld, seen from the Attack Ship.

The Skedar Homeworld is, as the name suggests, the home planet of the Skedar alien race. The levels Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine and WAR! take place here. 

While the level you play through does take place on the Skedar Homeworld, you only have access to one part of it: The Holy Temple. The Temple itself is fairly linear, starting you off in what appears to be a small landing pad, and is home to many cloaked and uncloaked Skedar.

There is one main path outside the Temple itself that leads to 5 separate "special" pillars, 3 of which need to be destroyed. The path ends at a bottomless pit,  which seperates the outer Temple to the inner Temple. A weakened piece of wall blocks another linear pathway.

The pathway yet again comes to a halt to the same ravine. A room with a large, weighted button controlling the bridge lies in this small area. Traversing accross the bridge and continuing on the pathway, there are 2 forks in the road: one leads upstairs, across a walkway to the secret Skedar army, the other leads to the area underneath said walkway to the Idol of War. 

Passing the secret Skedar Army leads into the Battle Shrine itself, home to the Skedar Priest

In-Game Description

Skedar Homeworld: The planet of the Battle Shrine

A highly arid planet, racked by earthquakes, sandstorms, and hurricanes. It is part of a complex solar system that includes 3 suns. 


• While the Skedar homeworld does orbit three sun-like stars, as seen when looking up to the sky on the planet surface, none of the stars are visible in the skybox when clipping through the level of Attack Ship: Covert Assault.

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