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Shotgun PD XBLA

Manufacturer dataDyne
Type Shotgun
Primary Mode Shotgun Fire
Secondary Mode Double Blast
Damage (per Hit) Low - High
Accuracy Low - Medium
Ideal Range Short
Rate of Fire Very Low
Ammo Type Shotgun Shells
Magazine Capacity 9 Rounds
Maximum Ammo 100 Rounds
Appears in Perfect Dark
Initial Vector
Hong Kong Sunrise
A DataDyne weapon manufactured for security forces. A nine-cartridge magazine combined with single or double fire modes make it a dangerous close-quarters weapon.
The Shotgun is a close-range weapon created by dataDyne, featured in Perfect Dark.


As a shotgun, it is effective only at close ranges. Because each shell must be loaded individually, the reload time depends on the number of shells already loaded.

The secondary function fires two shells in quick succession, which is very effective if both rounds hit, but can be overkill in most situations, and will burn through ammo faster which, when combined with the slow reload, can cause problems.


Perfect Dark
Perfect Dark: Initial Vector
  • In the opening DeathMatch VR battle, there are two enemies with shotguns alongside the man with the UGL Liberator.
  • In Chapter 8, when Joanna takes out two guards with her shoes, a dataDyne shotgun is in the gun rack but Joanna decides not to take it.
Perfect Dark: Hong Kong Sunrise
  • The look seems to be the dataDyne shotgun, as it is very different from the DEF-12.

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