Sentry guns are used as stand-alone gun emplacements, computer controlled to guard sensitive areas.

  • The Sentry Gun in dataDyne Research: Investigation
  • A Drone Gun in Area 51: Infiltration
  • Another Drone Gun in Area 51: Infiltration
  • A Double-Minigun Drone Gun in Crash Site: Confrontation
  • A Cetan Drone Gun found in Deep Sea: Nullify Threat (Perfect Agent only)
  • One of 3 Drone Guns found in Carrington Institute: Defense

Using motion detectors and IFF circuits, they are an excellent means of keeping out unwanted guests. But they can be easily defeated using explosives or repeated gunfire. If an agent is out of the firing range, or behind the motion detector, they will be able to fire on it without difficulty.

What makes the Sentry Gun well known is the Carrington Institute Laptop Gun, which has the ability to fold down into a sentry gun. It can then be retrieved later. However, the ammunition consumption and accuracy of this mode leave something to be desired. The only surefire way to prevent the Laptop Sentry from becoming a useless wall decoration is to enable the "Unlimited Ammo: Laptop Sentry" cheat.


  • Sentry Guns make good Guard Dogs. These were made to protect crucial areas.
  • Sentry Guns have incredible accuracy and average damage.
  • They will continualy fire on enemies untill they can no longer see them.
  • A Laptop Sentry Gun has a near-infinite sight and 360 degree of vision. Only walls and other objects can obstruct the Laptop Sentry Gun.


  • The Laptop Gun Sentry has a very limited ammo supply (if the Unlimited Ammo - Laptop Sentry Gun cheat is disabled), and can run dry alarmingly quickly.
  • Laptop Sentries can only be thrown once per player, a new Laptop Sentry will cause the old one to explode and removed.
  • The Unlimited Ammo - LSG affects only the player, simulant-thrown LSGs are not augmented by this cheat.
  • Sentry Guns are fragile to gunfire.
  • They won't attack mechanical targets, the A51 Drone, for example.
  • Most Sentry Guns will only fire if an enemy is in their axis-of-view.
  • They are somewhat volatile, the explosion can harm anyone caught in the radius.
  • Laptop Sentry Guns can only be thrown on certain surfaces.


Perfect Dark, Windmill Auto-gun mystery-1

Perfect Dark, Windmill Auto-gun mystery-1

dataDyne Research: Investigation

Carrington Villa: Hostage One (The Windmill is technically a Drone Gun)

Area 51: Infiltration

Crash Site: Confrontation

Deep Sea: Nullify Threat

Carrington Institute: Defense

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