Remote Mine
Remote Mine
Manufacturer Unknown
Type Mine
Primary Mode Remote Explosive
Secondary Mode Detonate
Damage (per Hit) Explosive
Accuracy Varies
Ideal Range Varies
Rate of Fire Low
Maximum Ammo 10 Mines
Appears in Perfect Dark
A mine that can be triggered remotely. The activate command is the secondary mode.
The Remote Mines are an explosive weapon that appear in Perfect Dark. The primary mode throws the mine, which will stick to most things, including enemies.

Once thrown, the mine can be detonated by either using the secondary mode, shooting the mine, or pressing A + B together, as in Goldeneye. The latter method can be used to easily detonate the mine in midair, which is useful in closer quarters.

The mines share their model with the Proximity and Timed Mines


The remote mine appears in the Chicago mission, Joanna throws one onto the wall of the G5 Building, and while in the building itself, detonates it and uses it to escape. She also carries 3 of them in the Crash Site: Confrontation mission. They can also be found in Area 51: Escape if she gets Elvis to the hiding spot quickly enough.


The remote mine appears in the Japanese version of Super Smash Bros: Melee as an item (called the Proximity Mine) and a collectible trophy. Due to legal issues on intellectual copyright and licensing during the game's port to the United States, the Proximity Mine item was changed from using the 'Perfect Dark' model to using the 'Goldeneye' model which was also used in the previous Smash Bros. game.

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