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Mr. Blonde's Revenge is the first of four Special Assignment missions in Perfect Dark. It is unlocked by completing every main-story mission on Agent difficulty. In the mission, the player takes control of Mr. Blonde as he infiltrates dataDyne Chicago and kidnaps dataDyne CEO Cassandra De Vries, taking her away in a Skedar ship located on the roof.

Being a mid-story mission, taking place some time before the events of Attack Ship: Covert Assault, it shows first-hand how Cassandra ended up on the Skedar ship.

Leaderboard Crown

Invisibility Factor - To earn this Crown, you must complete the mission without using the Cloaking Device on Special Agent difficulty. This Crown can be very hard to achieve without practice as Cassandra's Bodyguards can overpower you very easily, especially on the first floor.

A good strategy is to duck behind the reception desk area once you start the mission, then pilot the BombSpy over to the elevator. This will distract the Bodyguards and cause them to follow the Bombspy wherever it goes to investigate. Don't have the BombSpy remain stationary for too long however, as the Bodyguards will destroy it if they recognize it. Once a sizable number have grouped up in the elevator room, detonate the BombSpy to clear a path straight to the elevator. Any surviving bodyguards will know of your presence and run to the elevator to lock it down, so you must be quick. Once you place the Skedar Bomb in the elevator, quickly pick up as much CMP-150 ammo as you can from the dead Bodyguards and run up the lobby stairs to the elevator on the right-hand side, which will take you to the upper levels. This is easier said than done however so don't be afraid to use the CMP to fight your way through, just remember not to use the Cloaking Device.

Once you make it to the upper floors, you are in relative safety and can take you time to complete the mission. Keep in mind however that not only will you fail the mission if you do not plant the bomb in the elevator before one of the Bodyguards locks it down, but after planting the bomb you will then have a limited amount of time to complete the mission. If you remembered not to use the Cloaking Device whatsoever, you will earn the Crown. Be mindful of Shock Troopers on the higher floors of the building, especially when you are escorting Cassandra to the helipad. They are all armed with N-Grenades and can knock out Cassandra if she is caught in their blast radius, causing the mission to fail.


Same Location it is in DataDyne Central: Defection and DataDyne Central: Extraction.

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