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Mr. Blonde, as seen in the XBLA version of Perfect Dark

We believe in which anything that does not function properly should be destroyed.

Mr. Blonde was an undercover Skedar warrior working with dataDyne and its associates: Cassandra De Vries and Trent Easton.

Affiliations with dataDyne

Mr. Blonde was a skedar warrior appointed to be their point-of-contact between them and Datadyne, often within a volatile relationship between two key conspirators Cassandra and Trent Easton. He is often overseeing their alien technology exchange in return for the A.I's assistant. Dr. Caroll, and the deep sea craft Pelagic II.

Near the end of the game he kills Trent Easton, and abducts Cassandra for their failures, while also ensuring the sabotage of the Lucerne Tower.

He views dataDyne as expendable and shows little tolerance for when things go wrong, going by the quote that "anything that does not work correctly should be destroyed." It is currently unknown to what happened to him after the bombardment of his home planet, but it can be safely assumed to have died in the defense of his superior or escaped with the rest of the survivors.


On the outside, Mr. Blonde appears to be a tall human male in his late 20s with striking blond hair - hence the name. He is actually a Skedar Warrior using an advanced holographic projector and a voice modulator.

Using this technology, Skedar Warriors can commune with dataDyne on Earth without looking too overtly suspicious.

Mr.Blonde as he is in the N64 Version

During Gameplay

Several other Mr. Blondes are fought during the missions Air Force One: Antiterrorism, Crash Site: Confrontation, Deep Sea: Nullify Threat and Carrington Institute: Defense.

Strangely, they all sound like normal dataDyne guards, instead of having the main Mr. Blonde's Scandinavian accent.

He is also a playable character in the game's Combat Simulator mode. When you play as the counter-operative in missions that contain only Skedar enemies, the playable Skedar will morph into Mr. Blonde carrying over any weapons on them.

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