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The Maians are a fictional alien race in the Perfect Dark series.

Nicknamed "Greys" by their skin color, the Maians have a deep interest in the universe and explore the regions of space for knowledge that they wished to learn.

However, they were dead locked in a deep struggle against the reptilian Skedar and both sides were eventually forced into a peace treaty.

During their time of post-war, the Maians eventually discovered Earth and made contact with an inhabitant whom they grew fond with due to his welcoming approach. As such Daniel Carrington is permitted to summon his newly-founded ET allies in times of desperate needs.


Maians usually approach other non-Maian planets through an Ambassador; who was likely held responsible for the political and relationship exchanges between the Maiains and their clients. The Ambassador is also usually not without armed escort, which the Protectors are charged to do.

Known Maians


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Elvis, or known as Protector 1, is one of the most well-known Maians and one of the protectors of the Ambassador. He usually accompanies Joanna during much of his adventures after leaving the Area 51 operation outside cover. As such, the two became great friends.


Elvis is the first Maian to be seen, in Area 51: Infiltration. During a cut-scene. He was seen, through Steinburg's footage, on a hoverbed, due for dissection.

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