MagSec 4

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MagSec 4

Manufacturer Chesluk Industries
Model Auto-9
Type Pistol
Primary Mode Small
Secondary Mode Single Shot
Tertiary Mode 3-Round Burst
Damage (per Hit) Medium
Accuracy Low - Medium
Ideal Range Short
Rate of Fire Medium
Ammo Type Pistol Rounds (9mm Charged)
Magazine Capacity 9 Rounds
Maximum Ammo 800 Rounds (PD)
200 Rounds (PDZ)
Appears in Perfect Dark
Perfect Dark Zero
Initial Vector
Janus' Tears
Second Front
A state-of-the-art military pistol, largely used by peacekeeping forces. It has a slight zoom capability, and boasts a 3-round burst secondary fire mode.
The MagSec 4, more commonly known as the "MagSec", is a military-grade pistol in use by various organizations in Perfect Dark and Perfect Dark Zero.


The MagSec 4 is a heavy magazine-fed select-fire pistol. The bullets it fires are charged through an unknown process, and is likely a contributing factor in its high muzzle velocity and range. A thumb activated 2.40x range scope is included standard, and the magazine holds nine rounds. Its secondary mode allows the gun to fire in a powerful 3-round burst mode, which has tremendous stopping power.

In Perfect Dark Zero, the MagSec's 3-round burst mode was replaced with a function which supercharges the bullets, and while it doesn't make them any stronger, it allows the bullets to ricochet off walls and hit targets behind cover. This has been the only time such a feature has been implemented in the series, as it is not mentioned within the novels or expanded universe.


The pistol has seen use by the government guards of Area 51, and dataDyne personnel are also occasionally seen using the weapon, including the Zhang Li mansion's security detail. Joanna Dark, who notes her preference for accurate weapons, often opted against the MagSec. Her use of the pistol in Perfect Dark: Initial Vector was due to her faith in her ability to control the weapon's recoil, and in Second Front, she uses it to better portray Mai Hem, who is a notable user of the weapon. Mai Hem is seen using the gun in DeathMatch VR, and later uses it to kill Jack Dark.

This weapon sees exceptional usage in the DarkOps mode of Perfect Dark Zero, as the weapon's rebound fire combined with its good damage rating makes it incredibly useful for defending a position when wielded in pairs.

In the box art and most promotional material for Perfect Dark Zero, Joanna is typically seen dual-wielding MagSec 4s, as opposed to the standard P9P she uses regularly.


The MagSec has tremendous stopping power, and can deal an impressive amount of damage for a handgun (even more so than the Falcon 2). This factor is increased when it is set to burst fire mode, as it can make short work of most unshielded targets. It includes a built-in scope for ranged shooting, and the rebound fire feature that some models possess make it ideal for eliminating targets in hard to reach areas (especially when dual-wielded).


Even with its scope, the MagSec 4 in Perfect Dark is notable for being horribly inaccurate at longer ranges. When used in three-round burst mode or when fired quickly, the weapon may also be difficult to control, which also negatively affects its accuracy profile. On top of this, while the magazine is larger than that of the Falcon 2, the gun discharges fairly quickly (especially in burst-fire mode), which leads to frequent reloads. Because of its noticeable shot dispersion, the MagSec 4 is not reliable beyond medium range.

In Perfect Dark Zero, while the MagSec is a bit more accurate, the shot dispersal is much greater when fired quickly, causing the weapon to quickly become unmanageable in a sustained firefight. Be careful of using the rebound fire too, as the bullets can actually injure you or teammates if fired haphazardly.


Perfect Dark
Perfect Dark Zero
Perfect Dark: Initial Vector
  • In Chapter 10, Joanna Dark switches them to three-round burst mode. This mode was not in Perfect Dark Zero and as such we can assume these are newer MagSec 4s.
  • Throughout the book they are called MagSecs; however in Chapter 21 while Joanna is in the shooting-range, the name MagSec 4 is used.
Perfect Dark: Janus' Tears
  • When Joanna infiltrates Miranda Sturgis's apartment. This is where she states "The gun's a surprise. Miranda hates guns. And it's a dataDyne model--the MagSec."
Perfect Dark: Second Front
  • A customized MagSec is carried by Security Chief Anita Velez when she has a bulletproof vest strapped to Cassandra De Vries before she is escorted out of her Paris home in Chapter 1.
  • Joanna uses a MagSec to kill Chun Fan at the end of Chapter 28, shooting her in the face at point-blank range.


  • The MagSec 4 in Perfect Dark was originally called lees gun (Lee's gun). A lees gun #2 also existed; this may have been related to the MagSec SMG mentioned in the Trivia section.
  • In Perfect Dark, it is said to have been produced by Chesluk Industries. In Perfect Dark: Initial Vector, it is manufactured by Global Armaments. In Janus Tears, it is manufactured by dataDyne.
  • The MagSec 4s in PD:Zero are made in England (Where we assume Chesluk Industries to be based due to working close with Carrington Institute, and the programmer it was named after was English). This is actually written on the side of the in-game pistol.
  • A string exists in Perfect Dark for a MagSec SMG in addition to the pistol.
  • This weapon is based off the Beretta M93R-AG Auto9, made famous by the film Robocop.

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