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Lucerne Tower
is the global headquarters of dataDyne and the setting for the beginning of the game. Like most buildings in Perfect Dark, it is unclear which city it is in. (An unused string in the text files of DataDyne Central: Defection states Chicago, but this is not canon because it does not appear in the final build of the game.)

The tower is a skyscraper with 14 floors (including the roof, which has a helipad and a room containing the Internal Security Comms Hub).

The floor directly below the roof has two elevators and Cassandra De Vries' spacious office. A button on the desk outside her office controls the lock of her doors. Below this floor are several rooms, presumably used as lounges because they are furnished with tables, chairs, and sofas. The Executive's office terminal is also on this floor. The floor below has a few offices, one of which has a terminal that controls the elevators. Another office serves as a meeting room. There is also a small weapons cache on this floor.

The contents of the remaining floors are unknown, but it is likely they house more offices. On the bottom floor, there is a reception desk by the entrance; and a guarded security room has the External Comms Hub. An elevator to the dataDyne labs is located within a secret room, only accessible to those with Cassandra's necklace.

In-Game Description

Global Headquarters

In the midst of the business district, the austere skyscraper of the dataDyne Corporation stands out from its surroundings.


Lucerne Tower is the setting for four missions, DataDyne Central: Defection, DataDyne Research: Investigation, DataDyne Central: Extraction, and the bonus mission Mr. Blonde's Revenge.


Lucerne Tower, along with the labs beneath it, is destroyed following the events of Mr. Blonde's Revenge, where a powerful bomb was detonated in the elevator connecting the two.


  • A real-life counterpart of the Lucerne Tower is the Wikipedia:John Hancock Center in Chicago, Illinois. The resemblance is very close as both buildings use a distinctive X-bracing exterior.
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