Locktopus in-game PDZ

Joanna Dark holding a folded Locktopus.

A quirky lock-picker for those doors still made in the old-fashioned way. No spring or tumbler is a match for this mechanical marvel.
 The Locktopus is a lock-picking gadget found in Perfect Dark Zero. It is used to lock and unlock doors, pressure valves, ladder locks and weapon crates. 


To use the Locktopus, stand in front of any locked object. A locked object can include but is not limited to a door and a ladder switch. Press Left or Right on the D-pad when "Unlock" appears to pull out the Locktopus. Keep a close eye on its front. Spin the Left Stick around until the Locktopus' circular node turns green, causing the controller to vibrate. Hold the stick in that direction (sometimes, you don't have to hold it all the way) and the green node shrinks. Upon shrinking, a beep will be heard and depending on how many pins the lock has, the next pin will be selected. Repeat the process until the lock finally opens.

To lock an object, stand in front of any lockable object. Press Left or Right on the D-pad when "Lock" appears to pull out the Locktopus. Hold the Left Stick in any direction you want, pressing and holding A in the process. The Locktopus' node becomes a Pacman-shaped circle that seals. When you hear a sound chime, hold the Left Stick in the other direction and press and hold A again. Repeat the process until the object becomes locked.

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