Manufacturer Carrington Institute
Type Wrist-Mounted Laser
Primary Mode Pulse Fire
Secondary Mode Short Range Stream
Damage (per Hit) Low
Accuracy High
Ideal Range Point blank - Medium
Rate of Fire Low (Primary)
Very High (Secondary)
Appears in Perfect Dark
The Laser is wrist-mounted and deadly accurate. It can either fire long-range pulses, or it can sustain a constant, concentrated stream of energy at short ranges.
The Laser is a wrist-mounted energy weapon in Perfect Dark with infinite ammo. The primary mode accurately fires a single pulse at the enemy with similar damage to the Falcon 2. Although the Laser does not use ammo, it is an unreliable weapon for intense firefights due to its low rate of fire which is inferior to many of the game's weapons.

The secondary mode fires a continuous short range beam that does very little damage per "hit" but "hits" about 33 times a second which can do significant damage if the enemy is kept within reach. Also, despite its weakness, a "hit" to the head from this will kill enemies instantly in single player, unless their health has been increased a lot in Perfect Dark mode.


Perfect Dark


Long Laser

A FistSim fires his so-called "short-range laser" at the player.

  • In Combat Simulator game-modes, in the hands of FistSims, even if they use the secondary function for the "close-range beam", their lasers can actually hit their target from well beyond said close range. It may flicker from a distance and look like it's not hitting you but you will take damage upon being close enough to the beam.
  • Also it is one of the 'excuses' for FistSims to actually use weapons, the other being the 'Combat Knife'.

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