The Laboratory Basement is a dataDyne owned property located underneath Lucerne Tower, connected by an elevator, and is used to develop weapons and other useful technologies. It is also home to Dr. Caroll, who sets the whole story of Perfect Dark in motion.

The technologies being developed here at the time of Perfect Dark include the K7 Avenger assault rifle, Night Vision goggles, a prototype shielding device and of course Dr. Caroll itself, all of which are stolen by Joanna Dark. There are various other experiments also going on but they are shut down by Joanna.

Located in the labs is a radioactive isotope being tested, and is apparently connected to the shield mentioned above. The labs also contain a firing range being used with the K7 Avenger.

There are several maintenance bots to be found in the area, as well as a laser grid which seemingly can only be deactivated by these robots.


The basement is the location of just one mission, DataDyne Research: Investigation.


The labs, along with the tower above, are destroyed following the events of Mr. Blonde's Revenge, in which a Skedar Bomb is detonated in the elevator connecting the two.

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