K7 Avenger

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K7 Avenger PD XBLA

Manufacturer dataDyne
Type Assault Rifle
Primary Mode Burst Fire
Secondary Mode Threat Detector
Damage (per Hit) High
Accuracy Medium
Ideal Range Medium - Long
Rate of Fire 950 RPM
Ammo Type Rifle Rounds
Magazine Capacity 25 Rounds
Maximum Ammo 400 Rounds
Appears in Perfect Dark
Another piece of high-tech kit from dataDyne. Ordinarily an assault rifle with a smallish magazine and a powerful punch, it has a threat detection mode that highlights explosives, wallguns, and similar hazards. Average fire rate: 950 RPM.
The K7 Avenger is a powerful assault rifle produced by dataDyne. It is often seen in the hands of NSA bodyguards as well as dataDyne's elite forces.


It seems the technology that the Skedar gave to the corporation was used in the weapon's creation. A prototype of the K7 is found in dataDyne's underground laboratory mission. Later, the weapon would be used by all NSA guards as well as dataDyne troops, the latter most notably on the Crash Site and Carrington Institute Defense levels. Also, like mines, it has the Threat Detector as a Secondary Function. Interestingly, the muzzle flash disappears when this mode is activated; it is not clear if this is a glitch, or whether it is intentionally removed to stop the significant flare concealing any threats that may be highlighted on screen.

The K7 Avenger suffers from having a 25-round magazine which can be depleted within seconds due to the weapon's very fast rate of fire, making reloads a frequent annoyance that can be potentially fatal in a heavy firefight. However, the K7 Avenger is shockingly powerful and can take out most enemies with only a few shots.

The downside to the K7 Avenger is that it is utterly devastating if you are on the receiving end, as one well-placed burst can kill you immediately on most difficulties.


Perfect Dark

This is also the weapon of choice for the Hit and Run Co-Op buddy.


  • In the XBLA re-release of Perfect Dark, the K7 Avenger's name is printed on the carrying handle of the weapon.

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