PDZ Jetpac in-game

Jonathan Steinberg using the Jetpac.

The Jetpack, canonically known as the Jetpac, is a drivable vehicle in Perfect Dark Zero.

In-Game Description

State-of-the-art Personal Flight Device (PFD) with walk mode fitted as standard.

Twin machine guns and hover capability for firing in place or on the go.


The Jetpac offers the user unlimited traverse over difficult terrain and shooting down enemies from the air. The mounted machine guns are rather accurate and they do sport quite a decent amount of damage when the shots connect.

The Jetpac has two modes of locomotion: The flight mode deploys the wings and the pilot may hover around and shoot from above.

The walking mode offers limited ground traverse over the terrain, the pilot can still use the machine guns but they travel slower than in the air.


The Jetpac is far less armored than the Hovercraft, as a single explosive blast can easily bring it down. Also the pilot is exposed, allowing skilled marksmen to kill the pilot with a well aimed shot and leave the Jetpac fairly intact for their own acquisition.

Presenting a slow, larger than usual target even on the ground, will make it less possible to miss as well.

Jetpacs also have a limited maximum altitude, meaning it is not possible to reach tall skyscrapers or buildings. Not all surfaces are safe for allowing Jetpacs to be deployed in walking mode.


Perfect Dark Zero
  • Datacore Demolition - An endless fleet of Jetpac-riding dataDyne soldiers try to kill Joanna Dark and Jack Dark and stop them from reaching the rocket at the end of the level.
  • Trinity Escape - Used as a means of stopping Joanna, Jonathan, and their team from reaching the dropship in time.
  • Jungle Storm - Found near the end of the level and can actually be commandeered after being reoriented. On Perfect Agent difficulty, the Jetpac is required to progress through the level.
  • Bridge Assault - A few dataDyne soldiers are seen riding Jetpack to try to kill Joanna.



  • Bots do tend to fly around at ground level when engaging others but they do fly above occasionally and always when you're above them.
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