Jack dark pdz
Jack Dark
Biographical Information
Date of birth April 28, 1969
Date of death March 2020
Biographical Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Weapons DY357 Magnum
Hair White/Black sides
Eyes Green
Chronological and Political Information
Notable Facts Father of Joanna Dark
Affiliation Dark Bail Bonds
  • United States Marine Core (former)
  • Detroit Police Department (former)
Jack Dark is Joanna Dark's father.
Bio jack

Full body shot of Jack Dark

Ex-marine, former cop, now single parent of a young woman. Jack Dark has seen it all and lived to tell about it. Now a bounty hunter for hire, Jack runs his own outfit, Dark Bail Bonds, while passing on everything he's learned over the years to Joanna. Morally driven, Jack's major business challenge is avoiding the giant hypercorps as his ethical viewpoints don't often see eye-to-eye with the executives. In times of financial stress, Jack has no idea how his own life and the lives of those he cares for will be affected after accepting an anonymous rescue operation.

On Nightclub Stakeout, he, Chandra, and Joanna head to a nightclub whose owner, Killian (a criminal who helps dataDyne trash their radioactive substances at the sea) has Nathan Zeigler and his data, which is very valuable for both dataDyne and the Carrington Institute, which leads to this mission being even more critical.

On Subway Retrieval, Joanna is sent to recover Zeigler's research, while her father takes care of Zeigler's injuries.

On Rooftops Escape, Zeigler dies from his injuries. Joanna and Jack escape, but with a new problem: Killian and dataDyne's agents are tracking them.They escape, but Jack is captured by dataDyne's agents.

On Mansion Infiltration, Joanna is sent by Chandra to rescue her father on the Huan-Shang mountains. She infiltrates Zhang Li's mansion, and duels Mai Hem in DeathMatch VR, ending in Joanna's triumph.

On Laboratory Rescue, Joanna infiltrates dataDyne's secret lab, where Jack is being held. She rescues Jack, pissing off Mai Hem.

On River Extraction, Jack and Joanna try to escape with a hovercraft, on their way they disable the radar, so Mai Hem wouldn't be able to track their escape. When the duo arrived at the airbase, they encountered Mai Hem with some of her troops. Mai Hem demanded the information Zeigler put in Jack's head and that they are free to go should she get it. Suddenly, Jack apologizes to Joanna for all the trouble, taking his own gun and Joanna's. Jack starts shooting at the troops, including Mai Hem. She avoids the bullet, and quickly shoots Jack with her MagSec 4, causing Jack to fall to the ground. While this was happening, Joanna commandeers a dataDyne Dropship. Jack surrenders, however, Mai Hem executes him. Joanna gets pissed, and burns Mai Hem with the ship's engines and escapes.


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