IR Scanner
This scope uses infra-red scanning modulated with ultrasonic data to provide not only a clearer picture of the surrounding area, but also a location of any structural irregularities. It can also locate enemies using cloaking technology or other optical baffles.
The IR Scanner is an infrared optical device that appears in Perfect Dark. It can be used to help users to see in the dark and to locate secret passages and cloaked enemies. It shares the same model with the Night Vision and X-Ray Scanner gadgets, though with pink lenses.


The IR Scanner appears in the Deep Sea: Nullify Threat and Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine missions, equipped by Joanna Dark from the start. In Deep Sea it is used to see cloaked enemies, and in Skedar Ruins it is used to find a way into the Inner Sanctum and to find which pillars are to be marked.

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