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The HoverBike is a personal transportation vehicle that appears in four levels in Perfect Dark. The player can ride it around by double-tapping the "B" button on the N64 controller or the "A" button on the Xbox 360 controller. It allows the player to shoot his or her guns in first person view while riding around. Hitting an enemy with the bike does no damage, but the bike does act as a shield for the player and gives them greater mobility. While the bike itself seems inpervious to all weaponary, if in Co-op modes a player is killed on it, it will explode, but remain as a phantom object, as you are able to walk through it.  


  • Carrington Institute: Down in the hanger on one of the landing pads. 
  • Area 51: Infiltration: One near the batch of A51 Interceptors.
  • Area 51: Escape: One appears in the hangar at the end of the level. Jonathan Steinberg plans to use it to escape, but the player can tell him to leave with Elvis and instead use the vehicle for the last segment of the mission.
  • Air Force One: Antiterrorism: In the cargo level of Air Force One. Although it cannot be ridden, the player can lower the bike to allow it to be used in the next level, Crash Site.
  • Crash Site: Confrontation: If the player lowered the bike in Air Force One, the bike will be located near the player's starting location. The bike is especially useful on this mission, because the level is very large.
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