The G5 Building is located in Chicago, and is the headquarters for the G5 Corporation, a front for dataDyne.

Located in the grimy backstreets of Chicago, the G5 Building is responsible for representing the host of the many activities of its true identity.

Composed of a large warehouse like building. The building is accessed by a secure lift where a team of guards maintain position in the lift's courtyard. A switch denies access to unauthorized personnel. Three fire exits are on the right of the building. Lightly guarded but never used.

A G5 Robot patrols the streets, alongside G5 guards, and FBI Agents.

Inside, it compromises of several large rooms, winding corridors, a large dampening field generator and a large meeting room where key people can talk to, in private. The only obscured viewing port is a small window, accessed by a narrow path of wires, also protected by lasers.

The building also has a large bank-vault. Protected by a heavy-encrypted lock and will alert guards of any hacking attempt.

As interior defense, an alarm system and a large force of guards litter the building. Which the latter will not think twice of raising when unauthorized personnel are detected.

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