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Felicity as seen in the XBLA remaster with the Classic Weapons loadout

Felicity is one of the three multiplayer classic maps in both Perfect Dark and Perfect Dark Zero. Felicity recreates the popular Facility multiplayer map from Goldeneye 007.

The map is significantly different in its Zero incarnation, as the facility seems to have been partially damaged. However, tactics remain similar regardless.

Felicity is included automatically in the N64 version of Perfect Dark, and is available in Perfect Dark Zero by downloading Map Pack Two from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Felicity is used in the trailer for the XBLA version of Perfect Dark, and is included in the full version of the game.


  • Stand in front of the windows, wait until you see a simulant from the other side. The simulant will just stop at nothing and tries to shoot at the window as if it was actually shooting you. However make one move and the simulant will pursue you as it normally would.
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