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The Farsight rifle is a Maian hybrid of an X-ray scanning device coupled with a rifle that can shoot through solid objects. The scope can lock onto and track life sources, though the device does not pan as fast as a running enemy can move.

The FarSight XR-20, often abbreviated to FarSight, is a deadly Maian rail gun that can fire through any amount of walls or other obstacles. It is considered the most powerful gun in the game, and like the DY357-LX, will kill any enemy with one shot. It is very rare weapon, as only one level has it available, other than cheats.


Like the Sniper Rifle, the FarSight possesses a long-range scope that is primarily aimed manually, with the C-buttons used to zoom in and out. When aiming, the FarSight possesses an X-Ray sight that allows the user to see through walls. As the FarSight is classified as a rail gun, the shots fired from it are unimpeded by walls, doors and any other types of obstacles, even other players.

The secondary mode actively seeks out and tracks targets while aiming, even if the target is behind a wall or in another part of the map. The FarSight can still see through and shoot through walls in this mode, and the shots will still kill targets instantly. However the tracking is somewhat slow and when a target is located, only the camera locks onto them and not the aiming reticle, meaning that shots will still have to be aimed manually.

When aiming, the FarSight's X-Ray scope completely eliminates the field of peripheral vision, meaning that you are unable to see targets if they are in front of or close to you while you are aiming.

Note the fire rate of the FarSight XR-20 is very slow, lower than that of the DY357-LX, making it hazardous to use against multiple enemies.


Perfect Dark


  • The Farsight was originally called the "z2020".
  • An early trailer for Perfect Dark shows Joanna starting with it in DataDyne Central: Defection, shooting several DataDyne Shock Trooper, and then using its secondary mode to "erase" the computer executive in his office from above. There are also screenshots of it being used in DataDyne Central: Extraction.
  • At that point in beta development, it used the same model as the Dragon does in the final version; this was likely a placeholder. It used assault rifle ammo like the Dragon. The z2020 only had an 8 round magazine, but fired as quickly as the Dragon does in its primary mode. Its secondary mode was the Rail-Gun Effect seen in the final version. It did not have a target locator function, but could draw a box around its target like the CMP-150.
  • The FarSight is incompatible with auto-aim, presumably for balance reasons. Despite this, the gun has received a cult-following amongst fans, and is widely considered to be one of the most overpowered weapons in any First-Person Shooter video game.
  • When Elvis wields it in Deep Sea, he shoots the FarSight much faster than the player, in the same way the AI fires handguns.
  • Like the Phoenix and Callisto NTG, being a Maian firearm, its ammunition are apparently orbs.

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