Elvis is an extraterrestial alien, ally of Joanna Dark and a deuteragonist in Perfect Dark.


Elvis (real name: Aelphaeis Mangarae) is an alien from the Maian race. He is a 'Protector' (bodyguard) for the Maian ambassador who travels to Earth at Daniel Carrington's request. Elvis and other Protectors are trained to excel in the use of an assortment of weaponry. Elvis finds Earth and everything about it to be very fascinating.

First appearance

Elvis' first appearance was in Perfect Dark (N64) in Mission Four Area 51- Infiltration, but only in the pre-level video sequence, where he is shown unconscious being taken to the autopsy labs. His first in game appearance was in Area 51 - Rescue, but does not talk until Area 51 - Escape, his first line being "I'm alive, I thought I'd be chopped up like the others by now". As Jonathan or Joanna opens the exit, Elvis must be protected, as at this point in the game, Elvis is unarmed.


Elvis is a comical character, being proved from his first appearance. Jo - "Whats wrong?" Elvis - "I have a headache, and with a head this big that's no joke." This comical personality is continued throughout the game, with small comments spoken upon killing a Skedar, and his cheeky laughter. Although comical, Elvis is skilled at his job as Protector, and is extremely good at aiding Jo, in Mission 8 - Attack Ship - Covert Assault, Elvis kills the majority of the Skedar threatening Jo.

Elvis as he appears in the N64 version.

Elvis, during a mission on the N64.

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