Green jumpship 1

Heavy Transport Ship
1 pilot 1 Co-pilot
10+ passengers + Equipment
DataDyne Carrington Institute

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The Dropship is a ship that appears in both Perfect Dark and Perfect Dark Zero.


Unlike its blue cousin, the Dropship was used by both DataDyne and Carrington Institute. Mainly to carry larger task forces and heavy equipment, among other things.

It is much larger and bulkier in comparison to the Jumpship, but it is still very maneuverable and can be piloted manually as well.

Perfect Dark Zero

Dropships appeared more prominently throughout the singleplayer game. Most were painted in gun-black and had tilt-jet and offensive capabilities. Rather than appearing in cutscenes, they were seen in-game dropping off DataDyne or Carrington reinforcements with the former able to be shot down by conventional gunfire.

Killian utilised a heavily armed Dropship to ambush Joanna and Jack across the Rooftops, but he was prominently shot down until Chandra arrived to extract Joanna at the cost of losing Jack to Datadyne forces.


Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark Zero

  • VR Training: Providing close air support when Joanna met Jack up at the top deck.
  • Rooftops Escape: Killian utilised a heavily armed version to attack Jack and Joanna throughout the chase. It was later destroyed in a final showdown.
  • River Extraction: Dropships arrive to drop off enemy reinforcements in a bid to cut off Joanna and the rescued CI agents. They can be destroy to prevent this from happening.
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