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Dragon PD XBLA

Manufacturer dataDyne
Model H&K XM8
Type Assault Rifle
Primary Mode Rapid Fire
Secondary Mode Proximity Self-Destruct
Damage (per Hit) Medium
Accuracy Medium - High
Ideal Range Medium - Long
Rate of Fire 700 RPM
Ammo Type Rifle Rounds
Magazine Capacity 30 Rounds
Maximum Ammo 400 Rounds
Appears in Perfect Dark
A standard assault rifle with an evil twist - when the secondary mode is activated, it becomes a proximity-activated mine that looks like a gun. Average fire rate: 700 RPM.
The Dragon is a fairly basic assault rifle manufactured by the DataDyne Corporation. it is tough, reliable and more than capable of getting the job done. Its secondary function is a high-power proximity charge, placed below the barrel, which should only be used as a last resort since the user has to discard the weapon. It has a 2x scope for engaging distant targets.


A basic assault rifle that has an proximity mine feature under its barrel.

The Dragon is an assault rifle with 30 rounds. Its fire rate is moderate, and has good accuracy and medium amount of damage. Though strong, only five levels have it, making it a rather rare find.

Its secondary fire provides a Proximity Mine feature to set a booby trap - meaning that if a player tries to get one (or step over one), the rifle explodes and can damage its user and teammates too.


The Dragon assault rifle can quickly kill an enemy with sustained fire. It is accurate and is useful for all ranges.

The secondary function can be used to trick a player into picking up the booby trapped Dragon as a weapon or for ammo. When a player gets close enough to the Dragon trap, the weapon creates a grenade-sized explosion which may kill players caught in its proximity.

A hapless PeaceSim cannot distinguish a booby-trapped Dragon from a regular Dragon dropped by a dead or disarmed player.


The Dragon has an average magazine size of 30 rounds that empties quickly with its fire rate. It is recommended to burst fire instead of emptying the magazine on full auto.

When thrown down to the ground as a proximity self-destruct trap, the Dragon will not distinguish itself between friend and foe. It can kill the player and teammates, and the player will receive a penalty for killing their teammates. Even then, it can be detected by the threat detector function of the K7 Avenger, Timed Mine and the Proximity Mine.


Perfect Dark


  • In the original BETA trailer, Joanna is seen using the Dragon at the beginning of DataDyne Central: Defection. It also appeared to have the Farsight's scope.

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