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Dr. Caroll
Biographical Information
Homeworld Earth
Date of birth 2023
Date of death 2023
Biographical Information
Species A.I.
Gender None
Weapons None
Equipment Personal Shield
Eyes Green
Chronological and Political Information
Notable Facts First true A.I.
Affiliation dataDyne
Carrington Institute
Dr. Caroll is a dataDyne created AI that was made to decrypt the core access codes on the downed Cetan ship in Perfect Dark.
Dr. Caroll

Dr.Caroll in the Cetan Ship


In-Game Description

Name: Dr. Caroll

Age: Six months

Race: The Caroll Sapient (AI)

An artificial intelligence created by the dataDyne Corp. with an emphasis on language skills and code breaking. Fortunately, he has morals, and due to his formidable level of intelligence, has guessed some of dataDyne's future plans. The voice is highly precise and educated and simulates the character of an academic.


Dr. Caroll was created as part of a deal between Cassandra De Vries and the Skedar that would result in the Skedar gaining a downed Cetan ship while DeVries and dataDyne would in return gain alien technology that would make them become an even more powerful corporation. Dr. Caroll was created due to the fact that neither the Skedar nor anyone at dataDyne could crack the code or figure out the language in use on the ship.

But Dr. Caroll developed a conscience and was able to figure out the Skedar's true intentions. Dr. Caroll expressed his/its concern over the mission, to which DeVries ordered his/its personality removed, even though it would make him/it less capable of performing what he/it was made for. Out of desperation, Dr. Caroll adopted his/its pseudonym and contacted the Carrington Institute, pleading for help.

Joanna Dark rescues Dr. Caroll from dataDyne's labs. Later, Carrington takes Dr. Caroll to his villa for safekeeping. dataDyne's forces attack the villa and steal Dr. Caroll. Mr. Blonde tells Cassandra to have Dr. Caroll's personality wiped. Joanna infiltrates the G5 Building and retrieves a backup of Dr. Caroll. Dr. Caroll reappears in the Cetan ship, where he/it is connected to the ship's weapon. Dr. Caroll sacrifices himself to destroy the Cetan ship and its weapon.

Notable Traits

  • Dr. Caroll's "body" performs slightly like a laptop. Looking like one and even folding into a carry-able form, as depicted as 'folding up' in Joanna's hand in the ending cut-scene of DataDyne Central: Extraction
  • Dr. Caroll is voiced by Chris Seavor, best known as the voice of the titular character in Conker's Bad Fur Day, as well as voicing Gruntilda in the Banjo-Kazooie series along with Peppy Hare & Slippy Toad in Star Fox Adventures.
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