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The Data Uplink, As Seen In The XBLA Version

The Data Uplink is a Gadget featured in Perfect Dark. It is a remote control-like device that is used to wirelessly hack into various machines such as computer terminals and enemy dropships. It makes apperances in DataDyne Central: Defection, DataDyne Research: InvestigationArea 51: Rescue and Carrington Institute - Defense. It also appears in Chicago: Stealth as the Reprogrammer, although it serves mostly the same function.

This gadget also appears in Combat Simulator, in the Hacker Central game type, and is used in very much the same way to score points.

In-Game Description

Capable of remote interrogation of almost any type of stored data, which is sent directly back to the institute computer hackers. A variant of this device provides the hackers with a direct link into the local system.

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