DataDyne Shock Trooper

A dataDyne Shock Trooper is easily identified by their helmet and a suit that is a darker shade of blue.

The dataDyne Shock Troopers are a type of elite soldier for dataDyne. Armed with a CMP-150 (Sometimes doubled) or Falcon 2 (Sometimes silenced) also carrying DY357 Magnum and N-Bombs in Mr. Blonde's Revenge . They are more intelligent than the standard DataDyne Infantry and will not hesitate to attack you. Aggressive and accurate define these soldiers. Easily identified by their helmet or their uniform which is a darker shade of blue than the Infantry uniform.

They appear on the ground floor of Lucerne Tower in the level dataDyne Central: Defection, dataDyne Central: Extraction, Carrington Villa: Hostage One (on the bottom level), Carrington Institute: Defense (shielded with K7 Avengers), and again for the last time in Mr. Blonde's Revenge .

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