DataDyne emblem
The dataDyne Corporation is an organization that specializes in military, research, and commercial production for its contractors.

Founded by Zhang Li and headed by CEO Cassandra De Vries, the Corporation's rise is secluded in mystery, but now it is well known for its huge funding projects and private military activities.

However, it was also known for its dodgy criminal activities, which had put it under the spotlight of the Carrington Institute whom launched investigations in its practices.

The organization has its own personal staff base, including a major research team, an army of military-trained personnel, personal bodyguards, and a fleet of venerable vehicles.


The main dataDyne HQ is Lucrene Tower, which towers over the rest of downtown Chicago. Cassandra's necklace gives her full access to all the facilities within and below the building, including a complex of research labs. It also has several branches, including a decommissioned oil derrick, which was converted into a vast underwater research facility.


Many products, firearms and equipment originated from dataDyne.

  • Systems
    • The VR Simulation system
    • Dr. Caroll – AI Sapien
  • Weapons
    • The CMP-150 series—its best seller.
    • The Dragon series. Supplied to the US Army.
    • Rocket Launcher – Prototype heavy weapon.
    • The D357 series – the LX version was custom built for NSA Head, Trent Easton
    • Shotgun – Often used by dataDyne bodyguards
    • K7 Avenger - A prototype Assault Rifle.
    • Combat Knives
  • Equipment
    • Shield Technology
    • Night / X-Ray / IR Vision Goggles


The corporation had many affiliates with government, military and even alien bodies.

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