Daniel Carrington (XBLA)
Biographical Information
Date of birth October 7, 1960
Biographical Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 5'8
Hair Brown, going gray
Eyes Brown
Chronological and Political Information
Notable Facts Founder of the Carrington Institute, inventor of null-g technology
Affiliation Carrington Institute
Daniel Carrington is an intelligent, patriarchal scientist/entrepreneur, and founder of the Carrington Institute.


He plans all missions carried out by his agents and runs each operation direct from a link in his office. He has been described to have a strange taste in clothes, as he is most often seen wearing tweed suits. For unknown prior reasons, Carrington holds a strong grudge against dataDyne and believes that the only good dataDyne is no dataDyne at all.

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However, in the events of Perfect Dark: Initial Vector, he does go out of his way to help Cassandra De Vries (whom he had a very friendly as well as sexual relationship with for several months) become the new CEO of dataDyne, stating that the two of them were supposed to change the world together after she betrays him (having convinced Doctor Rose to kill himself and killing Doctor Murray herself).
Bio carrington

Daniel Carrington as he appears in Perfect Dark Zero


  • In Carrington's office, when Joanna crouches near Daniel he will make a few remarks, such as "Please don't do that Joanna, it worries me."
  • Carrington's facial model is based on the celebrity Robin Williams.
  • If Joanna destroys all the wine bottles in the Carrington Villa, Carrington will tell Joanna, "Act your age, Joanna." In the XBLA version of Perfect Dark, doing this also unlocks an achievement.
  • In the Perfect Dark Zero mission "Bridge Assault", if Joanna kills Carrington, he will still somehow speak to Jo over the comlinks, telling her that he is terminating her mission.
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