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Manufacturer Chesluk Industries
Type Sub-Machine Gun
Primary Mode Rapid Fire
Secondary Mode Magazine Discharge
Damage (per Hit) Low
Accuracy Low - Medium
Ideal Range Short - Medium
Rate of Fire 900 RPM (Primary)
2000 RPM (Secondary)
Ammo Type SMG Rounds
Magazine Capacity 50 Rounds
Maximum Ammo 800 Rounds
Appears in Perfect Dark
Designed for use by bodyguards, the Cyclone has been adopted by Presidential Security personnel due to its excellent capability when used for suppression. In extreme circumstances, it can more than double the fire rate, discharging the magazine in a second. Average fire rate: 900 RPM. Unloads at 2000 RPM.
The Cyclone is an SMG that was designed to be inaccurate for suppression fire and for shooting at large groups. However its speedy rate of fire, especially in secondary mode, does wonders at close range. Assuming you can keep a bead on your enemy of course. And while it is inaccurate for precision shooting, it does have a tight pattern - shots fired adhere pretty well to a cone-shaped spread, in contrast to other inaccurate weapons like the Reaper. It is only when Magazine Discharge is used that the Cyclone has a wide cone of shot dispersion.


  • Despite the description asserting that the magazine discharges in a second, it is actually closer to 2 seconds. Also, the Cyclone's unique system of stripping clips to load ammunition into the magazine and the fact that it does not eject any casings during firing would indicate that it may use Caseless ammunition.

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