A list of all the missions Joanna has partaken in over the course of the series, covering her journeys through top secret labs, bases, and even alien landscapes.


  • Solo - Go through the missions without on-field assistance. This is the only place where you can unlock cheats. The missions use gold stars here to indicate completion of a mission by difficulty, with 3 stars signifying that you've beaten the mission on all 3 difficulties.
  • Co-Op - Face the missions with AI buddies or up to 3 additional players. The AI Buddies can be given a limited degree of orders, but you can unlock buddies with distinctive weapons or behaviors through cheats.
  • Counter-Op - Player 1 takes control of Joanna and proceeds through each mission as normal, while Player 2 takes control of one randomly selected enemy NPC in the level. Player 2's objective is to kill Joanna and/or sabotage the mission objective(s) before she completes the mission. The guards each have the same amount of health as the NPC they are playing as does, and can commit suicide by consuming an item exclusive to this mode: the Suicide Pill. When Player 2 dies, they will take control of another random enemy NPC and will continue to do so until Joanna dies or the mission is complete. (This is the only mode that cannot be played without at least 2 players)


All missions are played through 4 difficulties...

  • Agent (A) - Joanna only gets mandatory objectives, has more ammo, and enemies are less in number. Their damage, aim, and eyesight are also poor. Multiple shield items also appear in set places in most missions.
  • Special Agent (SA) - Joanna gains an additional 1 or 2 additional objectives, with more areas available for her to explore. Enemies are smarter with aiming, deal more damage, and are larger in numbers. Shield items still appear, but in far fewer numbers and not at all in certain missions.
  • Perfect Agent (PA) - Joanna gets every objective for each mission. Enemies are incredibly tough, smarter, greater in number and Joanna may survive only a few hits from them before succumbing. There are also no shield pickups available, apart from the unusable shield tech item.
  • Perfect Dark (PD) - A secret difficulty that is only unlocked after completion of all missions on all difficulties. This is a customizable difficulty where the player can manually change the enemy's health, damage output and accuracy to whatever they wish.

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