Cassandra De Vries
Biographical Information
Homeworld Earth
Date of birth 1984
Date of death 2023
Biographical Information
Rank CEO
Species Human
Gender Female
Rank CEO
Height 6'2 (188cm)
Weapons *Body Guards
Equipment Necklace
Hair Blond
Eyes Brown (Blue in the X-Box Live HD remaster and novels)
Chronological and Political Information
Rank CEO
Notable Facts Head of the dataDyne Corporation
Affiliation dataDyne
G5 Corporation
Mr. Blonde
Cassandra De Vries was the head of dataDyne and one of the primary antagonists of Perfect Dark.


Perfect Dark

She helps the undercover Skedar in what she believes is an attempt to raise the Cetan ship from the Pacific ocean floor, in exchange for vast amounts of alien technology. To this end, she has dataDyne create the AI Dr. Caroll. She also enlists the help of NSA Director Trent Easton, who tries to persuade the President into lending dataDyne the deep sea vessel Pelagic II.

Trent is unable to convince the president, and dataDyne steal the Pelagic II, and use it to descend to the sunken ship. Joanna Dark follows, and discovers that the Skedar actually intended on betraying dataDyne. Their real intention was to fire a superweapon stored on the ship, which would destroy Earth. Joanna foils their plans and destroys the ship.

The Skedar decide to abduct Cassandra, seeking justice for her failures in helping them. In the end, she and Joanna are imprisoned in the Skedar ship, where she sacrifices herself to allow Joanna to escape, because this is her "best chance for revenge".


The head of dataDyne Corp. Addicted to power; dislikes being anybody's underling. Hates it when she loses the initiative. Is prepared to do extremely unscrupulous things in order to get ahead of her competition, to whit Daniel Carrington, whom she loathes. Cassandra and Carrington have been lovers, exchanged informations and together created the flying vehicles. Cassandra made them safe, in order to avoid incidents, like the one which killed his seven-year-old brother.

Cassandra has been deeply affected by Carrington's betrayal when he used her to locate Joanna Dark in Hong Kong, claiming Jo to be a bounty hunter who, according to Carrington, knows whether Zhang Li is still alive.


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