Main Lobby with the Carrington Logo.

Carrington Institute is a private research and development centre founded by Daniel Carrington, who disbanded from Secure Development International, a company founded by his father Sir Richard and later led by his mother Sara.

The Insititute is well-known for its groundbreaking products, such as Null-G technology, which "taught the cars of the world on how to fly" as noted by Daniel himself. However, its main purpose was communication with extraterrestrial life, especially with their allies, the Maians.

Throughout its business ventures, the Institute has formed its own personal investigation division that outmatches the government's, with professional hackers and covert operatives, ready to deploy, to supplement the evidence needed for its operations. Protecting the main building, and its staff, is a small security team and a defense grid.

The Institute also has a weapon production venture, but it is nothing compared to its more military-focused rival, the dataDyne Corporation. But it makes use of their equipment to service its personnel.

It is now backed by the government for its exceptional work in protecting what matters.


The institute produced very little weapons in contrast to its many gadgets and equipment, mostly for their field agents.

Known Members of the Institute

  • Daniel Carrington - Founder
  • Jonathan Steinberg - Head of the Carrington Institute Covert Action Staff and one of the Carrington Institute's top (as well as one of the first) agents
  • Joanna Dark - Top agent
  • Benjamin Able - Deep cover agent at pharmaDyne Vancouver and one of the Institute's first agents (deceased)
  • Stanley Grimshaw - Top computer hacker and programmer
  • Osgood Potts - Armorer
  • Lawrence Foster - Potts' assistant
  • Calvin Rogers - Motor pool supervisor and top dropship pilot
  • Callie Kincaid - Agent that barely passed Steinberg's agent training program (Carrington Institute Seattle)
  • Dr. Montgomery Cordell - Physician, ER doctor and surgeon
  • Emily Partridge - Carrington's personal assistant
  • Jackson Abbot - Computer programmer and dataDyne mole, later turned double agent (Carrington Institute Los Angeles)
  • Dr. Hwang - ER doctor and surgeon (Carrington Institute Los Angeles)
  • Miranda Sturgis - Former Security Chief and Core-Mantis OmniGlobal mole (Carrington Institute Los Angles, deceased)
  • Vaklav Dugarova - Agent (Carrington Institute Moscow)
  • Dorsey - Former Los Angeles SWAT and newly recruited agent


Similar to the mission Carrington Institute: Defense, and the bonus mission, The Duel, the cheese is located on the balcony. However the balcony can't be open. A trick (though somewhat) difficult is explained below.


  1. Hover Crate
  2. Firing Range
  3. Slayer
  4. Access to the Slayer in the Firing Range

Head down to the hanger and collect the Hover Crate. Return to the main floor. Go to the Firing Range, open the door, and let go of the Hover Crate right at the door to block it from shutting. Make your way to the transparent door, back up slowly to block said door (make sure you have enough room to access the weapon menu). Use the Slayer's (preferably on Bronze) Fly-By-Wire secondary function and guide the missile outside the Firing Range, (hold A during the process of Fly-By-Wire). Windows to the outside where the Hover Bike is located should be visible. Go out a window, and then guide the missile down and you should see the Cheese.




Cheese spotted again

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