Perfect dark car park

Map Layout for Car Park

The architecture is a multiple-level parking facility. It has three levels, each connected by four stairways located on the sides of the car park. You will find yourself running like crazy and breathing heavy to get out of these stairways when your opponent is shooting at you! Just remember, your opponents will feel the same way when you attack them and get them on run. The main rooms are between blue and green in color. The stairways are red, yellow, blue, and one is unlit.


This level lacks is in how the Simulants react to the stairways. A lot of the time they might not even come up or down to get you if you sit and wait in one spot, you have to move around (more than just in your level) to get them to come to you. However, if you stay on the top level and move around (even in a stairway once in a while) that the simulants most likely will show up one by one. If you move around in the mid level you may have more simulant activity. You could also send one of your team members out to run up and down the stairways getting the attention of the simulants and drawing them to your base area. Teams that are attacking another team will have work to together to overcome their opponents.

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