View through the CamSpy's camera

The CamSpy is a small surveillance device, which appeared in Perfect Dark. It only appeared in DataDyne Research: Investigation and G5 Building missions.

Its main purpose is to record audio and video evidence. It can also be used to distract and lure enemies, though they will shoot at it after a while.

There are also variations of this device called the DrugSpy and the BombSpy.

In-Game Descriptions


Using the smallest application yet of anti-grav technology this is the ultimate snooping device. It has a video/audio link with a recording functional and an onboard facility for spectroscopic holography.


The DrugSpy is a version of CamSpy which carries 8 rounds similar to the Tranquilizer's, but will knock out any un-shielded enemy in a single hit, regardless of health modifiers. It only appears in the Air Base: Espionage mission, where it can be used to incapacitate neutral NPCs to enable Joanna to steal a stewardess uniform.

The DrugSpy has similar maneuverability and visibility characteristics as the CamSpy.


This version of the CamSpy has the recording device replaced by a highly powerful charge of plastic explosive.

It appears in the Chicago and Mr. Blonde's Revenge missions.

The BombSpy is, obviously, a single-use device, as it is consumed in the explosion. Therefore it is critical to ensure that as many targets as possible are included in the blast.

However, you can affix a mine (preferably not the Proximity type!) to any of the three versions as a crude DIY BombSpy.


The CamSpy and variants are all useful as reconnaissance devices, allowing the player to check around corners and in dangerous places.

Enemy units are slow to detect the CamSpy and, upon detection, will attempt to disable it with gunfire. It is possible, through evasive flying, to lure enemies after the CamSpy into a tactically advantageous position. This is especially useful with the BombSpy, as following enemies will helpfully clump together, allowing the single detonation of the BombSpy to eliminate them all.


  • There is a glitch in the XBLA version of Perfect Dark - possibly even in the N64 version - where using the CamSpy or any of its variants in Co-op mode will cause enemies to open fire on it instantly upon sighting it, possibly failing the mission.

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