A small airbase that resides in a remote corner of Alaska, this high-tech, high-security facility is only feasibly accessible via a tramcar. One of many small airbases used by the United States President and Air Force One, this private airport is well protected with alarms, security systems, and a fleet of Alaskan guards armed with Dragon assault rifles. A number of civilians work the airbase including a secretary at the front entrance and a handful of airline employees, off-duty pilots, and other office workers.

The level Air Base: Espionage takes place here. When Joanna infiltrates the airbase in order to board Air Force One, she must avoid detection from the security system. Upon shutting it down, a number of NSA agents under Trent Easton’s command will launch their attack on the base, killing the guards and the airport civilians. As Joanna must fight her way through the assault, a number of NSA reinforcements will arrive with the goal of taking out Joanna before she can reach the presidential plane to stop Trent and save the US President.

In-game Description

Alaskan Air Base: Brooks Range, Alaska

One of a series of reinforced air bases available as staging posts for Air Force One. Typically, the air base is remote, in an inhospitable region, far away from prying eyes.

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